Cecilia Hara Patterson, MA, CMRS

An entrepreneur since her early twenties, Cecilia is a market researcher by profession. Has served the research industry for 20 years, servicing clients in all sectors of economy. Her profession started in Southern Africa, Botswana where she opened the first full service marketing research agency.

Cecilia has worked on many research projects including multi country research projects in Africa. She is a professional consultant specialising in Marketing, with extensive experience in insights, intelligence, analysis consultancy focusing on Positioning (image + awareness = usage), Effectiveness (reach + impact = action) and Experiences (attitude + satisfaction = loyalty). 

In addition, Cecilia has presented papers at industry conferences, and on invitation, has presented papers to university students. 

Cecilia, a Master Of Arts in Applied Market and Social Research  graduated from The University of Westminster in London, United Kingdom.  Cecilia is also a holder of the MRS UK level 7 Diploma in Market and Social Research Practice. Currently, Cecilia is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), with Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University, at Edinburgh Business School (EBS), via a distance learning program. 

Certified Professional Status 
Cecilia is a full member of MRS with a professional certified status, "CMRS," and is primarily based in UK working for firm; MTC Marketing Research Solutions Limited also known as MTC Research UK. The firm is an MRS Company Partner

The Firm 
MTC Marketing Research Solutions brand presence is in Europe - UK,  North America - USA & Africa - Botswana. Services offered, include value added services to both the research suppliers and users. Our job as marketing research professionals, is to eliminate obstacles and solve specific market problems for our clients by providing information for decision making on issues such as; "How to manage stakeholder perceptions," and or "Value creation for products and services that produce outcomes for the benefit of the users" to name a few.

We help our clients by addressing significant issues that potentially diminish concerns and eliminate things that can possibly go wrong. In our field, we are accustomed to insight and intelligence data delivery, handling sensitive, confidential records and influencing strategy that drives business decisions. 

Cecilia and her network of associations / team of professional consultants, also serve as an outsource solution (external consultants), extending services to clients (research users and buyers), that require detached viewpoint, access to extra skilled team member to free up management time, professional judgement and a bridge between interests.

Professional Services offered
Market Research Full project life cycle from inception to reporting:
Research planning:  brainstorming and idea generation consultations, development of objectives and proposal writing.
Research design: research approach (exploratory, descriptive, causal), project design, research tactics (questionnaire design, measures of interest, sampling plan)
Research process: data collection- depth interviews with Executives (CEO's, Board of Directors, Senior Stakeholders), focus groups, CATI, CAPI, CAWI, and all other field work aspects of a project.
Data processing: Tabulation, Coding, Data entry, Data Cleaning, Editing, Back Checking, Statistical Analysis.
Professional Consulting: project management, data analysis, report writing, interpretations, conclusions, and recommendations.

Qualitative | Quantitative | Observations

Market/Project types: 
B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) for brands, products and services.

Private Sector: Financial Institutions, Telecommunications, Automotive, Utilities, FMCG, Petroleum companies, Leisure, Travel and Tourism, Public Sector.

Research, Insights, Intelligence, Analysis, Consultancy in Secondary / Primary research data utilising online/offline techniques. 

Past work has included competitive intelligence, market/industry trends, market assessments, market entry, segmentation, retention, attitudes and behaviour studies, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, customer experiences, Brand health checks, Stakeholder engagements, 4P's research: pricing and packaging  concepts, promotion (advertising concepts) and place (distribution channels).

On Achievements
Cecilia founded a professional and services sector business, MTC Consultancy Holdings in Botswana,  and has knowledge management (KM) of almost every aspect of a service business, as efforts resulted in accomplished consultancy business in; (1) marketing research - a full service research agency with work for local, regional, international research users / suppliers, for brands /clients such as Orange (France Telecom S.A.), Mascom (Portugal Telecom), BT - Botswana Telecommunications, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Namibian Breweries, MVA Fund, Bank Gaborone (Capricorn Group), Barclays Bank, IFSC, Botswana Development Corporation, P&G, Kellogg's, National Brands, other international research companies and (2) media research which represented Pan African Media Research Organization (PAMRO) in Botswana and supplied reports to Ministry of Communications Science and Technology plus media owners (electronic, print, outdoor), (3) debt collection agency with work for clients of big 5 brands such as PWC, (4) Student and Youth Travel consultancy which represented international brands such as Interexchange, Twin Group & it's Travel Agency which represented international brands such as - STA Travel. 

MTC Marketing Research Solutions

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Other information of interest

Cecilia is industrious, resilient, enthusiastic, confident, creative, innovative with young and fresh ideas that are relevant and applicable in the market. 

Her education is from Malawi, Botswana, South Africa and United Kingdom. Her executive experience includes serving on a Council, Advisory Committee and as a Trustee. 

Her resume and references are available on request. 


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