The whole story 

This is a platform for sharing success in order to inspire others.'s business networking hopes to create big appeal and big business for our members. The idea is to make voices of all distinguished entrepreneurs and professionals of different backgrounds be heard, seen and celebrated for their hard efforts. 

We also hope to create a voice against barriers for all entrepreneurs in a fun, respectful manner by offering solutions to the problems if any. We are here to ensure you access most up to date opportunities and support.

As a result, we have scheduled a number of activities including interviews with business or industry leaders who will share with us their ideas. 

If you would like to be considered for your industry please register and send us your profile and CV.  

The business events have been thought through. To make them more fun, we came up with flower signatures.

Each event is inspired by the flower of that month. Call into a florist and ask about the bloom of the month (or check this here). 

You can then spruce up your outfit or decorate your hair with the flower of the month when attending the event. This is guaranteed to put you into the fun spirit as you show up to the most fun business event of your life! 

Upload your profile and CV in word documents on the registration page

Invite your friends and family to do this and encourage others to spread the word. 

Share this site with your networks! 

 Celebrate your icon!

In celebrating the discerning individuals, we will honor their success with icon status. Every quarter, will name a business and or a professional icon of that quarter and we will select from these individuals an overall icon of the year on an annual basis.

Selection process

You will tell us who your mentor is or simply who you admire in your profession. You will then nominate them for honor ship of icon status.  

The information submitted for nomination, should include full name, contact details (email / telephone / cell phone /postal address / physical address), general description of their activities and the reason you feel they should be honored with an icon status. 

Your motivation should not be more than 500 words and must be presented in a word document emailed to: 

We will use your motivation to select the winner. 

You may also nominate them to mentor ship program on this site and we will approach them for you.

This is not about popularity. It is about achievement record!