A resourceful voice for entrepreneurs and professionals

The objective of  Ceciliapatterson.com is a knowledge and ideas sharing resource for entrepreneurs and professionals. The intention is to express creative endeavours and opinions that simply would not otherwise have an outlet.This resource intends to bring together dynamic and forward thinking  individuals (business owners and professionals), with a focus on; 

  • Finding business opportunities 
  • Imparting knowledge through authourship of papers, articles, journals and books,
  • sharing information that is worth knowing about entrepreneurship and related topics in market and marketing research,
  • Inspiring business networking 
  • Business developmental events on local and global level,
  • Local workshops, conferences or exhibitions for business  
  • Career development in market and marketing research, sales, PR and marketing,
  • Self development and recognition - talks from those that are savvy within their fields in order to share business knowledge and experiences that result in mentoring others or being mentored,
  • Choosing mentors - those that can become industry spokes people within our community
  • Special interest networks potentially resulting in awards to those considered industry spokes people by our community.

Ceciliapatterson.com will also host profiles of selected hard working people who we will consider mentors on our mentor directory page. We will therefore encourage people to write in about their mentors and tell us how these people inspire them. You may also put a question forward to your mentor and we will get it answered for you.

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